Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Many different people walk the face of the earth Yet only one have I truly known since birth Seeing things with soundness and clarity of mind Eager to search, seek, discover and find Loving and gentle with a spirit so free Far and wide you may look, but will never see another me Nefertity . This poem really had me thinking about my life and where I have come thus far, truth be told i believe I've been a really FAVORED person, Right from my birth which was in Ekosodi in former Bende now Benin, I really wish I can say I knew much about the place, but immediately I was brought into the world, na so they bundle me commot one time, it took mum a While to have me, so I guess it's safe to say I was Quite spoilt when growing up, but I guess I stopped getting all that kind of UNSHARED love when the other soldiers started coming,so my only child status was quite short lived... , yeah but what can I say, Nothing lasts forever!! Then I graduated to the Post of being the ADA( the first girl ) and everything changed, I started washing clothes, sweeping, washing plates, I complained time and time again to Mum and told her to get a maid, but she said " why would I do that when I have you?" and I keep wondering to myself, am I supposed to be the maid? But then I definitely couldn't tell her that, before I would see my ears without using the mirror, my mothers flogging is EPIC....I'm yet to see who would rival her in that aspect. I started school at the age of 3, was literally engaged to Aunty Bridget's unborn son, cos' of the kind of delicacies that was always in my lunch box.....mum would always cut the tomatoes into different shapes and sizes, when I had rice, rest assured that there would be some funny looking veggies somewhere and that kind thing sha, anyways the kook of this lunch box story was that, I would gladly give it to my teacher in exchange for GOOD OLD CHOCOLATE CABIN biscuit. ;) I don't need to tell you of what happened when mum finally found out. Was on a scholarship throughout primary school ( yeah I know, I'm that smart :) , hehehe) and I guess that gave Dad a respite, and in my little head I knew that was no mean feat, so I think I expected to be treated with ultra care, just In case my brain packed up....but that definitely didn't give me any green card to do rubbish and get away with it ooh. Finished primary school at age 9, got into secondary school immediately, and continued in the high flying mode, until .................( story for another day) finished secondary school, and waited in frustration for 2 years to get into the university, in that 2 years ehnnn....that was when I finally believed that an idle brain is truly the devils workshop. Anyways in that two years, I went to a family friend and asked to work in her supermarket, after much persuasion I was finally given the job, and my salary was a WHOOPING 5,000 Naira,(did you just raise your eyebrow and laugh)that was a huge amount of money then ooo. I stayed on the job for 2 months and moved onto greener pastures hehehehe, yes ooh, at that time I knew that wasn't what I wanted , I finally got my dream Job (without a school cert oooo) this while I was still awaiting my results , at the very first boutique in the hood...it was really a major ish then sha, and I really love dressing people up, and given my (unwanted ) advice every time sonthisnwas the best job for me then, did that for a whole 5 months........! wOW, now that's major, I never stay in something for a long period of time, Id just get bored. After some lessons, I finally got into a school, which I never thought I would get into, infant it was more like a school I never ever ever ever wanted to go to, but finally in grateful and thankful to the almighty, because everything will surely work for my good.....I can even start telling you the WAHALA in this place, for more information on the kind of school I'm in it's in one of the earliest posts I made. Funny how, as much as I don't really like this school and stuff, I'm the best in my level (na God) *side note* it's really frustrating when people think that because your are good looking and dress well, it's quite strange to be SMART/BRAINY, who the hell propounded such a theory? When people look at me, they see a cool, calm,intelligent,collected, babe, visionary, someone whodoesntbgive a flying fart about what people say about her, leader amidst some other great attributes, oh and also BEAUTIFUL ;) . But before I became This sort of person, I used to be all sorts of awkward, had low self esteem, didn't think much about myself at all, kissed ass a lot of times, just to feel among, chai, not pleasant memories though, but I guess it's all part of a phase To finally get to where I am....and also where I am going. I have 9 months left to be done with university and from my freshman year till date, I've had the privilege of working with Great people, and yeah i get paid too (neither 5,000 nor 7,000) :) have met with great minds and people whom I only used to see on television and read about, ...... I just thank God for where I am thus far, and where he is taking me....... I'm going to be a year older in 3 days, and. I'm extra excited, and also need to make a few changes in my life....I'm definitely going to let my hair loose and have More fun, and be a little bit less serious! Using this opportunity to list some random facts about myself: 1. Favorite song: none, determined by my mood 2. PET: dogs definitely 3. WHITE or BLACK: black 4. Best feature: eyes, lips, smile, shape, brain........ (uh,cheated on this one, couldn't determine which 1 to pick) 5. Attitude: bull, have to get the job done, can't be sleeping when I have stuff to do, a wheel barrow full of madness, Creative, take time out to have a great laugh. 6. PERFECTION: unlimited cheddar, to do the million and one things I want to do. 7. I'm a jack of all trades: don't believe there is a guy job and woman Jon, if my bulb spoils I change it, faucet stops, I get out my overalls, etc (yeah I'm that kind of girl) 8. My life just has to make an impact on a wholeeeeeee lot of people, non negotiable, this just has to happen 9. I love God, the holy spirit .......with a passion 10. I like making my point known 11. Highly ambitious...... 12. Super heiress to world fortune and multi billionaire in the making 13. My imagination is completely out of this world 14. If been planning my wedding since I was 16 x_x 15. Been to the club just once in my life 16. I like looking for small trouble..... 17. At some point I thought I would be a lawyer, then an air hostess, then a presidents wife, a musician, a fashion designer, ......( what can I say, I get bored easily) 18. Procrastinate a lot at times ( don't judge me) 19. Books are the best things to happen to humans......reading a great book, gives orgasms (hehehehehe) 20. Fashion loving Mmmmmuahhh... Toddles............

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  1. :'( Really dunno what happened, this post didn't show this way on the preview page..... And suddenly I'm seeing something else....just mentally put a space and paragraph where it's supposed to be thank you.....the first three lines actually a poem.