Saturday, 28 April 2012

jUST RaNTiNg............... Ok, I am definitely not averse to those who think cooking for their MEN is a MUST....but I definitely draw the line with some stuffs, ok maybe I am sounding a bit off the edge here but how else do you explain this.? Ezinne is a tall, ebony skinned girl who has almost everything going for her, comes from an average family, schools in the prestigious university of Lagos , in her second year , comes from one of the east-western states. Ok the deal here now is that she has a BOYfriend, who in the actual sense of the word is a MAN, but is still in the phase of BOY in the terms of this relationship.    She's a solid believer that a way to a mans heart is through his stomach, but one of the issues I have is that this boyfriend of hers lives in *cue.....Drumroll * ENUGU.  She leaves school every Friday goes to the bus park, boards Ekene Dili Chukwu motors and heads straight to 9th mile, where she boards another bus heading to her beloved's house.....              When she gets there  she proceeds to take all of his dirty clothes which he piles by the bathroom door straight to the backyard to wash them with a bar soap which he keeps next to the black corodome she says, when i asked Obi to get a washing machine,he said he doesn't like his clothes washed in the machine, but just the way his mother washes them...Once she is done, she heads straight to the kitchen, to stock his freezer with soup, stew and either jollof rice or fried, depending on the one which was cooked last week, washes the bathroom, makes the house clean and dresses his bed, all these she does before she even thinks of having her bath and resting from the journey...... Whenever he comes home, he has freshly squeezed juice and home made meal waiting for him, once he is done with his bath, he goes to a very tired albeit willing Ezinne for his nightly ' RIGHTS' .... This is a typical weekend in Ezinne's life....oh! And did i mention that she is just 21 years old?  And this MAN hasn't put a ring on it  .            In my opinion when in a relationship with any Man or Boy, that is the time for enjoyment Biko, eating out and all the likes, I would only cook if I feel like it, or just to make you have a taste of my cooking ... I can't even begin to fathom the kind of medicine that would have been used on my head, before I would start to think of  1. Washing his clothes 2. Stocking his freezer with food  3. Cleaning and scrubbing both the toilet and bathroom. 4. Any of all those funny things ..... Tell me what you think........


  1. I agree with you that your friend is going overboard.
    From experience, such girls lack self esteem.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog
    Stay blessed

  2. @ N.I.L thanks for dropping by too..... Gracias

  3. So ur saying u'd hav a bf who stays alone n u'd neva wash nothing, nt evn an inner wear 4 him. Come on!!! U dnt hv 2 be a slave 2 let ur man knw u wer raised 2 be a wife. If afta yrs of dating u neva washd anything 4 him or evn dressed his house 4 him, I dnt think in 50yrs of marriage u'd be able 2 do dat "well" 4 him.

  4. U dnt hav 2 go all "Ezinne" on him. But @ least show dat ur a mother n a wife nt just a lady or woman. Lyk i sed u dnt hv 2 go overboard, am a guy, it won't make us lyk u more...if am lukn 4 a wife am lukn 4 sum1 dat can take care of my home n kids...