Thursday, 23 June 2011

wats being natural got to do with it??

Please, I don't know about y'all but I'm really tired of these team of girls who go about preaching the gospel of how ladies are supposed to carry our God-given hair(natural hair), and not go about fixing weaves and all that silifatu kinda talk. Seriously I don't get what the rave is about,the wahala now is whether I should carry my natural hair or NOT!! (Hehehehehe, there is nothing I won't see in this my life). My question is how exactly is it an issue to anybody what I decide to do to MY hair (please note the emphasis being place on the significant word "MY") the hair is Mine, so I don't see what da' HELL(in chi gurls voice) that has got to do with you, if I decide to carry suku ologede, kpatewo, coroba, orisa-bunmi, Brazilian, peruvian, Nnewi, or Aba hair, na my hair......ahn ahn, the rate at which Nigerian babes decide to drink Alomo bitters for other peoples constipation, never ceases make me wonder!!
If they were so hell bent on staying natural and all that SULE kind of ish, they should by all means stick to speaking their native tongue, eating just their native food, and I don't think they should bother going to school either, because its only natural for them to be in their natural habitat learning how to kill and skin animals for their hides and skin and all that!.....
I'm sure by now you are wondering why I'm pressing control P on this one (getting angry), its because the whole thing is getting on my nerves, and the thing these team natural hair people don't tell you is how many combs you have to buy,because for sho' your combs must break whilst combing, and they don't tell you the amount of Alabukun you will also take for the king of headaches you'll get as a parting gift from the comb, or the VERRRRYYY BAD HAIR DAYS, when you will most definitely be in a hurry to get to work or get some errands done, and what you see in the mirror makes you remember chukky....

*DISCLAIMER* : I have no issue with those who have decided to go all natural with their hair and all, but please I would appreciate it, if you don't shove your opinion down my throat, if it works for you, fine..... I have actually never relaxed my hair, because of the texture, so all I do is texturize it, after which once water touches it, it goes back to being natural, I don't think I need a flag or emblem on my head to cast everyone with a weave or relaxed hair to eternal damnation!!

*side note* one of the girls that was even campaigning for the natural hair stuff, that came upto me, was on an Amber Rose steez, but she didnt dye it, the wahala now is that, whoever cut that hair for her must be a mechanic or cobbler, because the size of her Ogo (back of her head) was my heart all I could say was, even if I decided to join, seeing her and that horrible hair cut has discouraged me finally!!! Mtscheeewwwwwww,

*side note* I LOVE MY WEAVES!!!! Infact I'm a hair freak, so y'all Team natural ntutu (hair) should sue me!!

Luv y'all.......hugs and kisses

Sunday, 19 June 2011

wake up call.......but then again, I haven't been sleeping, just taking a good look at the insides of my eyelids!!

You know, iv always been a very determined person, and I go for what I want!!!! ..........
In re: to my last post, its gotta take more than just one man to let go of my dreams!!!
Iv found a better way to go about it, for him being a stumbling block to me, his loss, cos he just lost a student who would have made him a Star lecturer, but hey .....his choice ryt?

So here is d plan.......................
I stick to my Original plan, and be the best which I know I am, and made to be!! (Big smile)
Watch this space.................and moreover my bible makes me understand that all things worketh together for my good!!!

Soooooo....moving on to something else, today was the final sunday we would get to spend with the final year was so touching, what with the hugs and singing and all those mushy stuffs, I almost cried, ok strije that, I CRIED with Envy, I really wanna leave this school (don't get me wrong oooh, I actually love learning, and its really got my friends worried, I can remember a period when we went to get our hairs done in braids, and I brought out my note to start reading......hmmm..I'm naturally the sharp mouthed one oooh! But the kind of talk wey I use my ear hear that day ehnn.... )
Thinking of what to do my masters in, and also Phd(I'm sure y'all would be wondering by now, but that's really what I want to do), and I over heard an aunt say, men are scared of women who have higher degrees than them! (Topic for another day........)Well, catch y'all later, Iv gatta go back to my books!


Friday, 17 June 2011

big girls don't cry,yeah ryt!!!

Re: to my last post...........I'm supposed to be a media major, but I guess dat dream is shattered, iv gatta luk for another calling, all because of ONE MAN, who has decided to be a dog in the manger!!!
No wahala, God dey.......

.......but you know,It feels bad when
 you have got a dream for as long as you can remember and you now suddenly get to find out that you cannot live it!

I feel shattered and drained........................this is exactly how I feel! Iv tried d crying therapy but I just ended up with a headache!!! (And no alabukun in sight)
Just dropped by to take my mind of things.............................. (I don't think it worked)

this is killing me......(*dies)

I'm in an annoying and very frustrating private college!!! And I owe no-one any apologies, ahn wetin self, I'm almost dying from this thing called menstrual cramps, and here I am holding a paint and brush and painting this stchheewwwpid (please pronounce as spelt) set!
*side note* I am not actually, holding a paint and brush like this minuite I'm typing this post, but I just dropped it and felt I should bare my soul to you all! You get d picture now right?
Ok, moving on, in my previous post, I think iv mentioned somtn lyk being in a pact with d devil, when I say this I mean a pact with my department, this dept. Does nothing other than to siphon your energy and give it to the gods of the stage....I'm sure by now you are wondering what da HELL (in chi-gurls voice) is this nefertity talking about?
All this long serenre that I'm talking, is just saying that I'm tired of my life in this school.....wallahi, and this theatre-arts that I'm studying is not helping in anyway, (and please if you don't know anything about the theatre I would appreciate it if you don't roll your eyes) permit me to break down the way this theatre works...but then again I don't need your permission(sticking out my tongue), the minuite you go to the deans office, and get your course form and moved to the academic affairs unit, you will be given the choice of courses to fill and with happiness as someone who is now in the university that's how d person will happily fill and then sign his or her doom!
They never tell you that immediately you become a theatre art student, even if you are majoring in media (like beautiful me) or script-writing, dancing, music, or even audience(snickers, don't mind me ooh, there is nuffn lyk this* for those ppl who will go and believe that there is really something like a major in Audience) you will have to be able to do the following, even if you like be an Ajebutter (like me*wink) :
1) Build sets (check for set in the dictionary, I no fit explain)*walking away, but my milk of human kindness, draws me back* oya set is the background of the play, e.g if a play is depicted in a parlour, you must make it look like a parlour, anything or anywhere the director says the setting is, then we must build am like that.
2) You must try your hands in script-writing, and for this you must be reallly creative, and there is something called the muse(these are the supposed spirits which muse into you, to write something reasonable for printing)and please whoever knows about muses will know how elusive this things are, jizzz, I remember once when I had an assignment on writing a satire with 8 xters and the works....I had this assignment for a whole month, that was when my muse decided to visit the grave of its dead grand-father!! Hmmnnn....when the day before I submit this assignment came, meehn, I couldnt wait anymore for the freakum muse so I dusted my slippers, and ran 440(see very fast) to wherever the muse was hiding and dragged it by its flighty wings back, and na so I write my assignment oooh! Hmmnn......wahala
3) Costume and make-up: this might sound like fun....but when they tell you to make a fresh dewy skinned gal of 10 to look lyk a hunch-backed 69 year old woman, you go know how far.
4) Lights: anoda tory for another day....with the climbing of ladders and rearranging of light bulbs and gelatin.....
5) Props: you will read through the whole script, and bring out every freakum thing which is termed as property, even to the speck of sand, even if those things are outdated, you must produce them,...I remember when I acted a role,at some point I get to have a tail....hmmm...that story na for another day..
6) Publicity: if your lecturer-in-charge tells you that he needs 600 people, even if you have to give birth to children that will fill the audience space, na that one concern you! Wherever you bring the people, he or she isn't concerned as long as you bring the specified number of people.
7)Stage managing
8)Directing: I did this once and almost died of post-traumatic stress disorder.......
9) Dance: even if you don't only have two left legs but also a body that goes anti-clock-wise on default, you must dancve when the time comes!
10) Editing
11)Music: this one na by force too, if you like make your vocal chords must all na for your marks
12)Event managing: this one na OTONDO!! You must find one event or come up with one and manage it, and buy all d serenre that is needed for the event to be a success, and did I add that all this is with your money? Most times I feel sorry for my folks...
13) Acting: need I say anything?
14)Media:you must do cinematography, broadcasting, direct your talk show, produce for someborry, have a talk show too....omo I don tire...

A babe can only take soo much, or don't you think so? And lest I forget you have to take part in at least 45 plays before you are allowed to graduate! (Coupled with all this, I need to have a social life, a MR right which I already have, I'll gist you all about him later*wink*and I work*now crying* abeg no be die be that?)

Hmmmnnnn........I have a practical exam in approximately 3hours hence the brush and paint and frustration and I'm blogging out my frustrations, abeg I nid your prayers!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


ok, nothing much to say, just that tummy hurts like hell (like say i don go hell before), brain feels fried (due to excess jacking) hormones are in turmoil, all because say person dey in monthly period, and this school doesnt even help matters in anyway.................iv still gatta keep upto 80 percent attendance, and this as usual is exam period, i seriously cant wait to finish with this ish, and go home.............
back to this menstrual pain.....mehhnnnn the pain is deadly, gosh.....i fit type this post because iv been taking pain killers for the past three days before the main day oooh, hmnnn............i heard somewhere that by the time you have a child, you wouldnt feel any pain cha cha.....but biko, if thats the only way for the pain to stop, i can wait...... i can imagine the look on my folks face when i tell them i want to have a child sake of say menstrual pain , lmao......i can just imagine, my dad might even have a stroke........................... anyway this post is just full of randomness..................but abeg, true true i don tire for this kind of pain every month...................(crying) any ideas on how to quench this kind of pain please???????????? (pardon me abeg, im still trying out my hand in pidgin english, i really suck at it.......but hey practice makes perfect ryt................luv u all..........mmmmuaaah)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I decided to post a little something on the kind of life I have in this school of myn!

Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!! It is now 6:00am! And you bootifu(beautiful) ladies of queen esther all(hall)(she has a very bad h factor)should hall(all) wake up and get ready for the day! The voice of the hall Potress rings out!! This wakes me up instantly even though I try to stifle the voice with my pillow! It seemed as if she knew my intentions and shouted with emphasis, you berra don't cofa(cover) ♈ōϋя hear (ear) and do has(as) hif (if) you don't know you should wake up! (This is her idea of phonetics, and mind you all she says is directly into d mouth of a speaker phone). There was ‎​​№ wishing her away cos she was determined to stay!! Then I decided to open ♏γ̲̣̣̥ eye and look across @​​​​​​​​ ♏γ̲̣̣̥ room mate, who is still sleeping soundly! @​​​​​​​​ this point I'm determined to go back to slip but iv' got a 9:am class! So I better get dressed! Just as if she read my mind, she shouts into the speaker again (mental note to self- please lecture this people on what a public address system is.) Ladies its now 7:00am come out for morning devotion!!( I know by now your seriously wondering, what the hell kind of school am in, that call ladies for morning devotion and wakes them up, but that would be a story for another day ) where the heavens did time run to? I was just awake for lyk 20mins and its already 7:00am? I hurriedly run into the kitchen to boil water for my bathe, then this is the time when ♏γ̲̣̣̥ kettle decides to act up! I coarse and beg and pray in every language that I know begging it to work, it finally listens to ♏γ̲̣̣̥ plea and boils ♏γ̲̣̣̥ water, I thank it profusely as I get into the bathroom! By this time ♏γ̲̣̣̥ roommates have gone for the devotion already without having their bathes (yuck). By the time I'm done in the bathroom, I hear the girls already singing, and I know that I won't be able to make it! *smh*(shaking my head) I go to the wardrobe thinking of what to wear, after much uncertainty I finally settle for the purple skirt and white short sleeved shirt, with the purple slim belt and black ballet pumps. As I saunter to the parlor(yes I said parlor, we've got parlors in ours rooms, ha! In yur face) to iron d clothes, I remember that I'm not wearing anything(absolutely nada) and ill have to @​​​​​​​​ least put on some undies! After much contemplating,I decide on the black lacy one, feeling happy with myself, I go back to ♏γ̲̣̣̥ ironing singing along to backstreet boys! Then dis is wen they decide to take the light
!! Sheeeesh! Iv just got barely 30mins! To class! And here I am still in my undies!! Welcome. To a typical Monday in my life!! Ill catch y'all later!! Gatta run!

Thursday, 9 June 2011


This is the part of the semester when the aliens lecturers and the powers that be get to decide our fate, this is the period when i get this feeling that my brains are fried,  when my default setting is on "READ MODE" as iv said earlier in one of my posts, I'm the best in my class(and no please, I'm not rubbing it in) i'm just stating facts, in fact ehnn, I'm being really modest here, if not i would've told u that my least score is a B'. (smirking)
 One thing with this school is that, once you have been selected by these aliens lecturers as a potential "BEST GRAD. STUDENT" there is definitely  no hiding place for you, you've just gatta keep being the best that you can (to their standard oooh) who born you to say something like "Excuse me sir, im tired" the kind of lecture you would receive that day ehnnn, you ma go dey wonder self, if na them dey pay your school fees.
(im actually stealing out of my library time to update this)
Right now, my mind is like both on rewind and fast foward and pause and play and slow and .......infact its jumbled up, by the time i try to think and also check my schedule to know if i can relax or not, i'll hit you all with my write-ups(to those that dont know, i write for a major mag in Lazgidi)

Ke mesia
Nefertity with a "Y"

MOI contd.

ok, uhmmmm i had to run out the other time becausem the internet connection was goin hay wire, not that it is any better today tho' but i made a promise to continue my last update, and this is me again..............
okay iv got a REALLLLY Straight face (BOSS LADY)kinda face, so most people tend to think im either bossy, a snob or a proud babe(i actually over heard someone say, "what does that chick even feel like? is she the only fine girl around? abegi") but i actually don't try in anyway to correct this people because those that matter know that i am the direct opposite of what they say, and seeing as they diont matter why correct them? i think thats all i can think of now,..................................CHILL, something else, i laugh a whole lot, most times i bbm and i type in ROTFL, LOL, odds are that i really am. when i think of something else, i cross my heart, i promise to share.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I just want you all to get to know about me, and what i stand for, wrote this like ages ago, but didnt know it was tucked up somewhere in my drafts.............................its kinda belated but, hey, better late than Never or what dyu think? (wink)

Name: CHINUA (and yes i'm a girl) also known as Nefertity to my friends, and Ngozi only to my Grandpa.
AGE: 2(you can add anything at d back of 2)
Occupation: student, and also writer for a popular mag. in Lagos (billionaire heiress at heart), aim to be a major force to b reckoned with in the world of media.
SCHOOL: a private school in NAIJA
COURSE: Theatre-Arts , majoring in media
Pet peeves: Dirtiness, uncouthness.
Likes: I ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY LOVE reading, im a voracious reader, i read anything as long as it grabs my attention, I like to think that im a good dancer(just being modest), i LIKE food(as lomg as its good food, i'd eat it), I love looking good(all the time). im all about poise, elegance and social grace,everything that makes you a lady(this is not saying you cant be crazy when your with paddys)

Size: Im a size 10 (uk), even though i used to be a size 18, then moved to a size 16, and then weighed a whopping 102kg, then finally to weigh 65kg. its been up and down, but im steady now, ben this way for the past 2 years(in fact this weight matter ehn, na story for another day)

im sooooooooooooooooooo sorry peeps, this freaking interntet connection is acting up, iv gatta run, but i promise to continue from where i stopped......................luv you all (mmmmuahhhh) (i didnt edit ooo, so biko, ignore the typos)