Sunday, 3 June 2012

BLACK SUNdAy................. WITH A HEAVY HEART I WRITE THIS... This Sunday is quite a sad one, according to the news about 153 lives have been lost in the DANA airplane crash, so the plane crashed in Iju Lagos state, were it crashlanded on a Powerline in the area.... Harold Demuren, head of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), confirmed the crash. He said the Dana Air flight was heading from Lagos to Abuja in Nigeria. He said federal authorities were on their way to the site of the crash. I got some gruesome pictures sent to me via Bbm but I would rather not post them of charred bodies which when I remember I just shed tears.... On twitter while going through my timeline, some ITIMPATAKA (Idiot) tweeted about the aircrash and was laughing about it, while another EFUlEFU was busy condemning "RICH" people for not using the bus.... And I wonder to myself, where the hell do these people get off? People have lost their lives, loved ones and the least you could do is say a word of prayer for their families.... Well I guess this goes to show the height of some people's hopelessness.... And for the Human that tweeted about show offs and airplanes and how good it was for the plane to have crashed, words can't express the depth of the kind of IDIOcY you have..... In other news there was another Bomb blast in Bauchi! With at least 15 people have been confirmed dead and 40 injured in Bauchi state after a man drove a car full of explosives into Living Faith Church this morning. Speculators say this is another Boko Haram attack..... This also gets me wondering, when did Nigerians become associated with bombs???? More so we are not any better than the people in that flight, a word of thanks to God for keeping us alive and also a prayer of forgiveness, cos' Frankly we really don't know when it's going to be out time to face our maker.... At the end of the day......the only thing we have left is the grace and Mercy of the lord to keep us and guide us the words of Sunny Okosun, I ask again Which way Nigeria??? Realllly sad...... This post might come out all mumbled up, I hurriedly Ty Ed this on my I-pad, cos my laptop is quite far from me......

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