Thursday, 23 June 2011

wats being natural got to do with it??

Please, I don't know about y'all but I'm really tired of these team of girls who go about preaching the gospel of how ladies are supposed to carry our God-given hair(natural hair), and not go about fixing weaves and all that silifatu kinda talk. Seriously I don't get what the rave is about,the wahala now is whether I should carry my natural hair or NOT!! (Hehehehehe, there is nothing I won't see in this my life). My question is how exactly is it an issue to anybody what I decide to do to MY hair (please note the emphasis being place on the significant word "MY") the hair is Mine, so I don't see what da' HELL(in chi gurls voice) that has got to do with you, if I decide to carry suku ologede, kpatewo, coroba, orisa-bunmi, Brazilian, peruvian, Nnewi, or Aba hair, na my hair......ahn ahn, the rate at which Nigerian babes decide to drink Alomo bitters for other peoples constipation, never ceases make me wonder!!
If they were so hell bent on staying natural and all that SULE kind of ish, they should by all means stick to speaking their native tongue, eating just their native food, and I don't think they should bother going to school either, because its only natural for them to be in their natural habitat learning how to kill and skin animals for their hides and skin and all that!.....
I'm sure by now you are wondering why I'm pressing control P on this one (getting angry), its because the whole thing is getting on my nerves, and the thing these team natural hair people don't tell you is how many combs you have to buy,because for sho' your combs must break whilst combing, and they don't tell you the amount of Alabukun you will also take for the king of headaches you'll get as a parting gift from the comb, or the VERRRRYYY BAD HAIR DAYS, when you will most definitely be in a hurry to get to work or get some errands done, and what you see in the mirror makes you remember chukky....

*DISCLAIMER* : I have no issue with those who have decided to go all natural with their hair and all, but please I would appreciate it, if you don't shove your opinion down my throat, if it works for you, fine..... I have actually never relaxed my hair, because of the texture, so all I do is texturize it, after which once water touches it, it goes back to being natural, I don't think I need a flag or emblem on my head to cast everyone with a weave or relaxed hair to eternal damnation!!

*side note* one of the girls that was even campaigning for the natural hair stuff, that came upto me, was on an Amber Rose steez, but she didnt dye it, the wahala now is that, whoever cut that hair for her must be a mechanic or cobbler, because the size of her Ogo (back of her head) was my heart all I could say was, even if I decided to join, seeing her and that horrible hair cut has discouraged me finally!!! Mtscheeewwwwwww,

*side note* I LOVE MY WEAVES!!!! Infact I'm a hair freak, so y'all Team natural ntutu (hair) should sue me!!

Luv y'all.......hugs and kisses


  1. I really don't see or know the fuss about this whole drama sef! Whatever fits, you do! chikena!

    lol @ ogo....mechanic & cobbler.

  2. Chihi,nice 1 plz tell dem,shuku partewo,raindrops,peruvian,nigerian any 1,if u feel comfortable in it carry on,lets nt all go spiritual abt it,its all in d hrt.